The fastest buying cycles are "self-serve"
The fastest buying cycles are "self-serve"
Eliminate sales friction by providing your prospects the buying experience they prefer.
The only sales platform designed to give sales pros full control of their prospect buying signals.

How will you remain relevant in a 'self-serve' economy?

How will you remain relevant in a 'self-serve' economy?

This is the future of sales.
  • 24/7 Automated Sales Machine
  • AI-Enabled Business Cards
  • ​Micro Sales Funnels
  • ​Automated Lead Generation
  • Automated Referrals
  • ​Automated Lead Qualification
  • ​Advanced Lead Scoring
  • ​Self-Serve Sales Content
  • ​Automated CRM Update
  • ​Chatbot Integration
  • ​SMS Sales
  • ​Push Notifications
  • Goal Tracking
Sales Pros...Could You Use
Better Leads, Better Data, Better Tools?
To Consistently Crush Quota, Sales Pros Need:
Better Leads, Better Data, Shorter Sales Cycles

"The only mobile sales app designed to accelerate sales cycles"

Sales Challenges Solved by Using Ping-Me
Daily Challenges Solved by Consistently Using Leadzap

Sell 24/7/365

Ping-me is always selling regardless of where you are or what time it is.

Boost Sales Activities

Ping-me becomes your virtual sales clone on every prospect's phone. 

Shorten Buying Cycles

Ping-me's self-serve experience eliminates inefficient sales activities

Focus Buyer Attention

Prospects spend approx 17mins on Ping-me vs <3 mins on websites. 

Eliminate Tire Kickers

Ping-me's advanced click-tracking surfaces your high-probability leads.

Reduce Buyer Friction

Ping-me provides prospects w/ the self-serve buying experience they prefer. 

Focus Your Time

Automate ToF, MoF and even BoF activities to accelerate buying cycles!

Automate Referrals

No one is carrying your business card, but everyone has a mobile phone. 

Leverage AI Bots

Your intelligent virtual assistant who knows everything you know.

Eliminate Mktg Gridlock 

Time to take back control! You own it! You manage it! You control it! 

No Tech Skills Required

You can update your FB page? Great! You can easily configure your Ping-me.

Avoid 'Friday CRM Hell'

Ping-me pushes your in-app activities to your CRM - automagically! 

Manage More Deals

Ping-me's intelligent automation streamlines your sales processes.

Connect More Often

People prefer SMS & Chat. Ping-me enables both - in YOUR app.

Close More Deals

Sales is a numbers game. Ping-me stacks the numbers in your favor!
Daily Challenges Solved by Consistently Using Ping-Me

Always Be Selling!

Become a 24/7 Sales Machine Automate your Top-of-Funnel and Middle-of-Funnel sales processes.

Eliminate Tire-Kickers

AI-enabled lead-scoring & click-tracking means you'll know who has clicked, what they've clicked, and when they clicked. 

Connect More Frequently

SMS & Chat is replacing email.
Sales pros who use SMS & Chat enjoy 87-95% open rates and 40-67% response rates (vs <5% email open rates).  

Focus Your Time & Attention

Automating Top-of-Funnel and Middle-of-Funnel activities enable you to focus on the most important activity -- closing!

Eliminate Marketing Gridlock 

Sales funnels typically require marketing approval, coding, and copywriting. Mobile sales funnels are dirt simple to modify and launch. Plus, NO marketing buy-off req'd!!

Focus Buyer Attention

Prospects spend approximately 17mins clicking through a LEADZAP app vs <2 mins reviewing a sales rep's business card. So you decide: 17mins of attention or <2mins? 

Reduce Buyer Friction

Studies prove that prospects prefer to self-serve, self-educate, self-segment, self-qualify, and even self-convert. 
LEADZAP makes the "self-serve" purchase decision easy.

Generate More Referrals

Let's be honest! NO ONE is carrying your business card, but EVERYONE is carrying their mobile phone. With Leadzap your entire sales pitch is on their phone - ready to be shared. 

Leveraging AI-Enabled Bots

What does that mean? It's like having a super intelligent sales assistant who knows everything you know, and can answer almost any question a prospect asks them. 

Manage A Larger Pipeline

Automation, AI, and Machine Learning means you'll be working smarter, not harder -- focusing your attention on revenue-generating deals, 
not tire-kickers. 

Boost Your Sales Activity

Imagine pitching half a dozen prospects - virtually - while you are not even in the room. LEADZAP clones your sales activities across as many prospects as possible. 

Avoid 'Friday CRM Hell'

LEADZAP will automatically sync key prospect activity with your CRM. You're Welcome!

Close More Deals - Faster!

Sales is a numbers game. Whomever can move the most qualified prospects through their sales pipeline the fastest, wins. Isn't it time you started winning - consistently?

Attract Buyer Attention

Go 1-on-1 or push to a group. Either way, your prospects won't be able to ignore you - unless they delete your LEADZAP

No Technical Skills Required

You could literally be 'dumb as a bag of hammers', and you'll STILL be able to setup Leadzap in less than 10mins.  

At End of The Day...Make More Money!

DOMINATE YOUR Sales GaME By Automating Your Sales Process

"ping-me is re-writing the rules of mobile, social selling"

Four Simple Steps To Get Started 

Become a 24/7 Sales Machine!

STEP 1: Sign-up
STEP 2: Set-up
STEP 3: Share
STEP 4: Sell
the only AI-enabled app built for sales people - by sales people
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